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Oz Soylent Ingredients

Nutrition Profiles for Oz Soylent Updated!

Nutrition profiles for all our Oz Soylent products have been updated! Now we have visual representation of what the calories of Oz Soylent is made up of, along with the 4 main ingredients used to make Oz Soylent. Now with more detailed information, Customers can...

Soylent Australia

Oz Soylent thanks You for your support!

It has been about 6 months since Oz Soylent launched in February this year, and what an amazing journey it has been for the team. Oz Soylent would like to express our sincere gratitude to the people -customers, partners, suppliers, and our employees for making...

Soylent Australia

Oz Soylent is now live!

Edited 07/09/2016 - The Oats used in Oz Soylent is now produced in Australia and not gluten-free certified. The decision is made due to purely logistical reasons, and we apologize for the misinformation of our earlier gluten free claim.   The wait is over! Presenting Soylent Australia You...

Australian Oats

Oz Soylent Main Ingredient – Australian Grown Oats

Oz Soylent is commuted to using Australian sourced produce to bring you quality Soylent Alternative. Our main ingredients, the oats is grown in Australia. We are proud to be supporting local businesses and farmers while not compromising on price and quality. Oats is a well known...