2016, Simplot Ignite, Slingshot

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2016, Simplot Ignite, Slingshot

Greetings everyone! Although it is already the second month of the new year, we want to wish you a wonderful 2016. During the past month, Oz Soylent has been busy preparing for a scaleup pitch at Simplot Ignite Program! Oz Soylent was chosen to be one of 10 finalists to pitch at the Simplot Headquarters at Mentone, VIC. On the 1st of February the team at Oz Soylent was invited to present at Simplot. We were too busy pitching to the 30+ members at Simplot we did not take any photograph on that day. There was a dedicated photographer at the event though. We’ll have to wait for that update for more pictures.

Our message was clear and aligned with the Simplot Ignite Themes:


Convenienve in Food

Oz Soylent provides time and cost efficient meal with maximum nutrition, maximising convenience for consumers. From preparation to cleaning up, Oz Soylent provides the optimized nutrients in a simple package.


Consumer Acquisition & Retention

Consumer Acquisition & Retention – Being an eCommerce store which focuses on the community, we tailor our products according to the needs of our consumers.
Retention and loyalty – We have a Subscription program for regular customers to receive significant discounts on Oz Soylent products.


These are some of the snippets from that day, more information will be updated here when the results and publications are in. Stay tuned!

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