Oz Soylent is now live!

Soylent Australia

Oz Soylent is now live!

Edited 07/09/2016 – The Oats used in Oz Soylent is now produced in Australia and not gluten-free certified. The decision is made due to purely logistical reasons, and we apologize for the misinformation of our earlier gluten free claim.


The wait is over! Presenting Soylent Australia

You now easily and affordably eat nutritious, flavorful meals sourced with Oz Soylent liquid diet foods.

Thank you for your patience while we spent a little longer than expected to perfect the new business systems. We sincerely appreciated your eager questions about when delivery would start, and our Shop page is now ready to take your order. Let us know what you think after your first Oz Soylent order arrives.

With oats grown in Australia as the main ingredient, Oz Soylent has been called You can now order what has been called.

Mix with you favorite liquid for an instant shake, blend into your morning smoothie, add to oatmeal or soup. Our favorite way is just scooping Oz Soylent into a mug, pouring hot water over it, and adding nuts and fresh blueberries.

With all products made in Australia using local ingredients as much as possible

Check out to find the best match for your diet needs. An ingredient list is provided, and all products are vegetarian and gluten-free. You can choose different quantities and flavors, from a 1 day supply up to a 10 day supply. Oz Soylent comes in original, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. Prices start at $19, and they  include shipping and handling fees.

With all products made in Australia using local ingredients as much as possible. Contact us for more details or order now.

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