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The team at Oz Soylent is a bunch of regular Melbournians who loves good food and dining out at local cafes and restaurants. However in today’s fast pace living, we are finding it time and cost consuming to prepare wholesome nutritious foods. Most of all the easily accessible commercialized foods are fast foods,they consist too much sugar, salt, and oil which when consumed too much can be unhealthy.


When the Soylent kickstarter project launched in 2013, we were immediately drawn to the revolutionary idea of eating only what the body needs. Since then we have been experimenting with our DIY Soylent recipes and have felt that Soylent can be a revolution in foods. This is when Oz Soylent is born!


We are excited to bring our Australian made Oz Soylent to the Australian market for people wanting to try the liquid diet trend. We offer packs of 1 day to 14 days supply, and all the handling and shipping prices are included into the product prices. Monthly subscription purchase with no cancellation penalty has also been added with exclusive discounts to simplify consistent ordering. We are happy to bring to Australia the easiest way to consume nutritious foods sourced from local ingredients*.



*Oz Soylent is completely Australia owned, with all products made in Australia using local ingredients whenever possible.





Explore Oz Soylent (Soylent Australia) in our eCommerce store. All prices take into consideration the delivery and handling fees (So much less hassle for everyone!) Also We try to keep the price down to keep it as affordable as possible. Tell us what you think! Get in contact now!


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